5 Vital Ways to Handle Criticism

Are you in the slump with that negative feedback? Here are 5 tips on handling criticism:

  1. Think before reacting – listen or read criticism thoroughly. If you’re upset let it cool down then take another look at the criticism. Give yourself time. Also don’t forget to ask if the criticism really needs your response.
  2. Start being a God pleaser – sometimes we Christians regardless if we do good or bad, people always finds something to throw back to us. Sometimes we shouldn’t rush to fix it up. You don’t have to make each and everyone like you. You can’t. Remember we are accountable to God and He is the only one who knows our heart. Whatever your intentions it won’t go unnoticed from God’s eyes.
  3. Take criticism as a concern – you should ask yourself “Maybe they are right.” Maybe it’s time to look at criticism as a concern specially coming from your friends. Have room for change. Try to fix areas in your life that are targets of negativity. Pray and allow God to reveal it to you so you can improve.
  4. Don’t attack the critics – don’t get personal. Deal with criticism not the critics. Don’t hate them but have heart to those people. Learn to have a Christ like attitude towards them.
  5. Learn to excel – if in criticism you’re doing already your best, grab it as an opportunity to prove your critics you can excel and not be affected by the things they are throwing at you.

Do you have number 6? You can post it at the comment.


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