5 Cool Ways to Encourage Someone to Write

Things are better shared. How about the passion for writing? You are the only blogger in your group and you want to influence your buddies to write. So how do you do it? Here are 5 ways to show some love:


  1. Show some books – the purpose of this is two-fold. First, for them to read. If the one you want to encourage to write is already a reader then you won half the battle. Second, to show them books that are simple they can also write. Some published books are not written in Shakespeare languages or technical jargons but some are done in simplicity that it immediately connects to the readers. They will have an “AHA” moment that they will say “I could have written this stuff” or “If they can do it, I can do it also”.
  2. Connect some social media – show social media like Tumblr or Reddit that fuels itself not on pictures, videos, games but also on articles.
  3. Recommend books or blogs about writing – there are lots of books or blogs that helps budding writers to write. You can find it either on the shelves of a bookstore or a WordPress blog out in cyberspace. From the basics to snagging to be published you will be surprise with the enormous resources available for your friend.
  4. Give some arsenal: a notebook and a pen – showing that you value them and the potential of them to write great stuff is giving some weapons. A notebook or pen which is expensive or maybe with quirky look will do the thing. And of course, tell them to use it on writing.
  5. Hang out with local bloggers, writers or authors – nothing is more encouraging than to meet someone who writes or makes a living on writing. Find those people, invite them for meet ups and have coffee. They are willing to chat about their craft and share how you too can scribble away some stuff.

How about you how do you encourage someone to write? Or put it in another way, how did you got encourage in writing? Please share it on the comment section.


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