6 Radical Things to Prepare for the First Day of School

School is about to start and we should all be excited specially Christians. This is an opportunity for us Christians not just to learn and follow our dreams but to make God the center of our lives that others may see. So get ready and check the 5 radical things to prepare for the opening of classes:

  1. A ‘Spirit-soaked’ you – a week or a day before going to school ask your church to pray for you so that Christ will radiates in you in school. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to make Christ known in the campus. Soak yourself in reading the Bible and Christian books so that you are ready to face the battle in the classroom.
  2. Get ready to tell that you’re a Christian – usually you get to introduce yourself in the first day of school. It will be appropriate to tell them first hand that you’re a Christian. Tell them you esteem God above all. So in the coming days they will come to respect your stand on Sundays worship and other issues because of your belief. It can also be a springboard to hear your Christian testimony and the gospel that saves.
  3. Know apologetics – maybe a teacher in your first day of school introduce himself that he is an atheist and tells the class that there is no God. Maybe she is a Mormon who believes that Jesus is the brother Lucifer. Response with all Christ like humility not like your attacking him. Throw some questions that your teacher and the class will think about. Speak up to issues like abortion, evolution, suicide etc., and give a biblical perspective to it. You may not know everything there is in defending the faith but you can direct them to your favorite apologetics websites, Youtube channel or books in your library if they want to seek the truth.
  4. Gospel tracts or Christian books – classes may not be starting and students may have lots of spare time. So grab your gospel tracts and give some of it to the class and place it in areas that most likely can be seen. Tell your church to donate some Christian books at the school library to reach out believers and unbelievers. Encourage classmates and teachers to check out the books at the library. You may not be able to say everything about the Bible or relationships but a book with relevant topics will make a difference in their life.
  5. A campus ministry or Bible study group to connect – if you’re active in some clubs in the school how much more in joining a campus ministry or Bible study group that is dedicated to exalt Christ. Ask your pastor to assist you in finding a group grounded to Christ in the school. Participate in their activities. Invite unbelievers to the group. Don’t reject the opportunity to be an officer of that group. And most of all enjoy!
  6. Prepare to make new friends – bond with new classmates not just that you have the same likes or you are interested in them but love them because of Christ. Being in school means God purposefully wants us to be there to lead His elect to the gospel and be of part of His family.

Do you have number 7? Please post it on the comment section.

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