5 Important Things to Do to Avoid Being a Stereotype

Go beyond the norm. Stand up and stand out. Away with being a typecast. Here are 5 ways to do it:

  1. Try not to imitate – of course there is nothing new under the sun, but try to find pockets of originality.  Add some spice to the ordinary. Break the usual rules.
  2. Drop the Label – don’t narrow things down to labels. Don’t be so conscious of labels. There is more to it than names. Break out from it. Try to see things on a different light.
  3. Do be afraid to try or discover new things – unlocking your thrill in seeking the unknown. Prepare to sail to unchartered territories. In it you can grow and have a new direction. Learning and discovering is a never ending process. It will be a fulfilling journey that you will take.
  4. Broaden vision and enlarge influence – look beyond what you can see. Look for long term view. Tap to other areas you are good at that can make a difference and impact others.
  5. Look at how God design us to be unique – the secular world promotes individuality yet people ends up just like the crowd. Stand out by staying near the King. Seek being biblical and get to know how you look at God’s eye and pursue His unique purpose for you.

Anything you can add in the list? Please do comment.


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