5 Awesome Things You Will Discover When You Read a Book Today

Opening a book especially with a Christian bent is like opening a door to the unknown. We may fear what we will see on the other side but when you get there you’ll find a whole new world of discovery. If you haven’t open one let me give you some perks if you sit, relax and read a book:


  1. You need encouragement– gone to the desert of discouragement. Well run to the oasis of inspiration and encouragement when you grab that book.
  2. You learn something new – maybe a biblical lesson or much deeper understanding in doctrine. Whatever it is be prepared to dig some treasures in those precious pages.
  3. You’re not alone with your experience – something you can relate in real life and find insights on problems or crisis the author is trying to teach.
  4. You’ll find something worth sharing– gossips and idle chitchat is so common that important things worth talking about are set aside. Break the news: conversations about biblical, spiritual and eternal things matters the most!
  5. You need Jesus today – Maybe you need to know the gospel or a believer gone astray. Picking up a book will get you near our Savior and Lord. Go get that book!

Do you have number 6? Please post it on the comment section.


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