Reading Without Reading

I stumbled to one of the quirkiest books on the subject of reading books. The title is, get this, “How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read” by a Frenchman by the name of Pierre Bayard. It sounds crazy but this book divulge tips and advice on those “sticky social situation” you need to show some “culture” and “intellect”. As you go move check the book, it gives how-to’s in how to behave, different confrontational situations and ways not to read but still have something to say about it all. Chapter 1 opens with these lines:

“There is more than one way not to read, the most radical of which is not to open a book at all.”

Bold words from a book that teaches you to understand a book without reading it 🙂

You can get away with reading secular books but a book with a Christian bent is another thing. Reading books is not for impressing someone that you know something specially when reading Christian books. I find the following reasons important why we should read Christian books:

  1. To be biblically grounded
  2. Spiritual growth and maturity
  3. Built leaders from readers
  4. To gain knowledge in the subject or topic
  5. Have something to share or teach specially to unbelievers
  6. To enhance our reading, writing and speaking in English we are all struggling with

If reading Christian book is that important, well how much more is the reading of God’s Book for a Christian? Reading the Bible is as essential as eating (Revelations 10:10, Psalms 119: 103, and Ezekiel 3: 1-2) not just for survival but the only way to be nourished and satisfied us spiritually.  Have you opened the Bible today?


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