Delighting Grace Reviews CLC Philippines Books

PicsArt_1366534883007Just received last week four books from CLC (Christian Literature Crusade) Philippines to be reviewed in this blog. As I open the package I got excited because of the opportunity CLC has given me.

The package includes Marriage Matters by Winston Smith, The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall, God Without Religion by Andrew Farley and A Vision of the Deep by Susan Scott Sutton. The moment I’ve unpacked it one book caught my eye and start reading is God Without Religion. Some of our young people were there and got interested with the complimentary copies. So I assign to them the book of their choice to read and tell me what the book is all about. In short, I assembled our Delighting Grace book review team :-). My intention is not just for them to read, review and own those books. My aim for them (and of course me included) is for them to grow spiritual as the sink their mind to these materials. Also find something they can use and teach to others as well as enhance their English (whether in reading and writing). I hope and pray that by God’s grace, this will be accomplished.

My pastor is very supportive on this and sees this as an avenue for us in the YP fellowship seek maturity. Please pray for this effort in our part to pursue God always and help CLC in their promotion of their books. Lots are in store for this project that we would ask for you to uphold us in your prayers. I thank CLC Philippines for giving us the privilege to review your books and promote it as well.


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