4 Awesome Things to do to Unread Books

You don’t own Barnes and Nobles but it seems your room is brimful of books. Either some gave it to you or bought it without thinking. You want to read all but unfortunately you can’t. Also you are losing space on your shelf.  Here are 4 tips on what to do with unread books:

  1. Copy quotable lines – Yes. Scan the book for great quotes then post it on Facebook or Twitter. Better yet make a quote blog.
  2. Use it as a tool for promoting reading– Maybe someone is not interested in reading so it’s a best way to encourage them. As an added bonus, give it to them for free.
  3. Donate it at your library – Every library is in need of new titles for people to access. Have a heart give it to them.
  4. As a coffee table or for interior design purposes – Lay those books on the table for other to see, read or start a discussion. It will be great if its Christian books so that your unbelieving friends will grab and check it out. If they ask for it, give it away.

Any more you can add? Please post it on the comments.


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