8 Cool Ways to Encourage Reading a Book

 Is there someone you know that is indifferent on reading books? Do you want to unleash within him the bookworm he ought to be? Here is a list of ideas to encourage a friend to sit and read a book:

  1. Give someone a book – This one is a no brainer. Nothing can be more encouraging than giving a book as a gift to a non-reading friend.
  2. Give DVDs of book-adapted movies – Then say something like “The Chronicles of Narnia movies are adapted from C. S. Lewis books. I think some parts of the movie are slightly changed and some details are dropped. If you read the book it will fill those parts and more.”
  3. Give them different format of the book – They might have an I-Pad so give them e-books of that book. Audio books in MP3 is great too specially when they are driving to work or at the gym.
  4. Show someone websites that have free books – Maybe your friend is not into reading because he doesn’t have a budget to buy a book and too shy to borrow. There are gazillions of websites that offers e-books in different format and different genre. Some publishers on their websites give away fresh new titles in digital formats just by entering your e-mail address.
  5. Point out heroes of your friend and their favorite books – You can tell them their favorite celebrities, sports personalities and political figures read these kinds of books and shaped them who they are today. That will thrill them to consider picking up that book.
  6. Show them some books inspired social media – Goodreads, Scribd, and Issuu are awesome. Give them links over their site, encourage them to make an online shelf and even put an app on their favorite social media profile. Make them click on “Want to Read” buttons and encourage them to read the actual stuff.
  7. Show things that you have made out of reading books – Let them taste that Korean food you learned from a cookbook. Give them a sample of stunning photographs snag from a How-To photography book. Show your nifty room damped with some interior design you copied to an interior designing magazine. This way they won’t just be encouraged to read the book but find its usefulness in their life.
  8. Place them in a teaching ministry – whether a Bible Study group or Kid’s ministry they will be force to read materials they will teach. Not only will it enhance someone’s spiritual gift but create an appetite to appreciate the joy of reading.

Do you have number 9? Please post it on the comment.


2 thoughts on “8 Cool Ways to Encourage Reading a Book

    • wow great idea tita!!!!i think i’ll try that on Christmas or Birthday…thanks for the comment!! God bless!!!

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