Books Gone Social

   No I’m not talking about books in your bookshelf wearing their coats and ties while sipping Martinis but social networks that serve the bookworm kind. Website like Goodreads is such a novelty in this saturated social media. It’s neither an underdog or up and coming social media star but just a simple plain site. Just by logging in using your Facebook or Twitter account you can have a digital space were you can list your favorite books and categorize it or announce to the world on what page you are on a book you are currently reading. By which it got me think. So what? You can post it on your favorite social media sites. You can’t share the book and let your online friends read it. So what gives? Are we really promoting literacy or just a bunch of show offs?


2 thoughts on “Books Gone Social

  1. People can think what they want to think about things people do whether they are on social networking sites or not, but they can’t really know the reason–they can only judge. They could even do that (that is, post what they’re reading) without the reasons you have given (promoting literacy or showing off). Just saying.

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