John Piper on God’s Honeymoon

Writing on how God draws pleasure in doing well to His people, Pastor and author John Piper puts it in a great illustration:

“Sometimes we joke and we say about the marriage “the honeymoon is over.” That’s because we are finite. We can’t sustain a honeymoon level of intensity and affection. We can’t foresee the irritation that comes with long term familiarity. We can’t stay as fit and as handsome as we are then.  We can’t come up with new things to keep the relationship that fresh. But God says His joy over His people is like a bridegroom over a bride. He is talking about honeymoon intensity and honeymoon pleasures and honeymoon energy, excitement and enthusiasm and enjoyment. He is trying to get into our hearts what He means when He rejoices over us with all His heart. And add to this with God the honeymoon never ends. He is infinite in power and wisdom and creativity and love. And so He has not trouble sustaining a honeymoon level of intensity. He can foresee the future quirks of our personality and He decided to keep what is good for us and change what isn’t. He will be as handsome as He was and see to it that we get more and more beautiful forever. And He is infinitely creative to think of new things to do together, so that there will be no boredom for the next trillion ages of millenniums. “

(“The Pleasures of God” by John Piper copyright 1991, 2000 Desiring God Foundation published by Multnomah Publishers Inc.)


5 Essential Apps A Youth Leader or Pastor Must Have

Being techie savvy youth leader or pastor is not to show your hip or chic but taking advantage of it will make your ministry more productive. Here are apps you must have in your android phone or tablet:

  1. Bible – a no brainer. You must have this for creating sermons and for personal devotion.
  2. Blog – get quick connection with your blog to post or edit your article.
  3. E-book Reader – download Christian books and read them to gain more spiritual wisdom.
  4. Audio Recorder – easily record your sermons and upload them in a jiffy.
  5. Social Media – getting in touch with friends and others you want to reach with the gospel in Twitter and Facebook .

This is my essential list. So what’s yours?

Randy Alcorn on his Mission as a Writer

When asked what his personal mission as a Christian writer is, Randy Alcorn replied:

“I’ve been asked before what my distinctive mission as a writer is. I think it’s to probe beneath the surface into the deep longings of people, then to open a door into the invisible spiritual realm so people can see ultimate realities (including God, angels, demons, heaven, and hell) with the eyes of faith and imagination.

Once you catch the glimpse of the other world, the real world, you are weaned from the illusion that reality is limited to our five senses. You can’t help but live differently once you learn to see differently. My life verse is “We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” (2 Corinthians 4:18). I seek to help readers see the unseen through my writing, both fiction and nonfiction. My prayer is that God would use me as his instrument to represent accurately the truth of his Word and the greatness of his Being, in purity and passion.”

(“Safely Home” 10th Anniversary Edition by Randy Alcorn, pg. 398, Copyright 2001, 2011 by Eternal Perspective Ministries, published by Tydale House Publishers Inc.)

4 Fun Ways to Put Silliness in your Youth Fellowship

Here are some tips to bring out the kid and the silliness in your youth fellowship. Prepare to roll in the laughter and tickle the funny bones of everyone:

  1. Sing Children Songs – time to be kids again. Sing Christian children songs with matching actions to bring up a smile in opening the fellowship.
  2. Play messy games – games that will break the ice, put some sweat and other gooey stuff in you fellowship.
  3. Do some funny side comments – make jokes of the silly or flops of yourself or some youth in your fellowship. But be careful don’t make fun of someone below the belt and be sure you are close to them.
  4. Use funny illustrations – if your listeners are getting bored inject some funny experience to your message before driving the point.

Any more fun ways you might add? Please place it at the comment.

Books Gone Social

   No I’m not talking about books in your bookshelf wearing their coats and ties while sipping Martinis but social networks that serve the bookworm kind. Website like Goodreads is such a novelty in this saturated social media. It’s neither an underdog or up and coming social media star but just a simple plain site. Just by logging in using your Facebook or Twitter account you can have a digital space were you can list your favorite books and categorize it or announce to the world on what page you are on a book you are currently reading. By which it got me think. So what? You can post it on your favorite social media sites. You can’t share the book and let your online friends read it. So what gives? Are we really promoting literacy or just a bunch of show offs?