Catching the Book Blog Wave

Tumblr will not be another social media casualty to me. It won’t be just used as an auto-posting site that will get my Twitter and Facebook updated. So I might as well give some lovin’ attention for awhile. I follow several Christian blogs over Tumblr and made friends out of it too. But there is more of than that. The love for literature specifically books is what I want to explore over that social media site. And with that I didn’t get disappointed. Tumblr boast as one of the creative social media sites around and I see some of the eclectic array of people jumping in the bandwagon. Even when the giants like Twitter or Facebook shadows it over or other sites like Flickr or Pinterest are breathing at its neck, Tumblr will surely stay.

As I check out book lovers over Tumblr I got euphoric. It’s quite addictive. One blog follow after another. Once you start you can’t stop. From book collections, libraries, quotes, different editions and vintage stuff its quite an adventure to see such awesome people showing off some of their bookwormness. It surely lifted the bibliophile that is in me and with a dash some inspirations to either reading, writing and collecting books as well. Not to mention book blogs with the title that is provocative like bookgasms or bookporn (no it doesn’t contain pornographic materials but it made me laugh along the way) and some spic and span names like teachingliteracy, booklover, coffeeteabooks or booksandtea you’ll enjoy check them out. Indeed a blissful blog hopping. So come on. Bring a cup of tea, sit down and check out Tumblr’s book blogs and frolic all the way.


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