John RW Stott on True Knowledge of God

In his booklet titled “Your Mind Matters”, Stott writes:

“The true knowledge of God will result not in our being puffed up with conceit at how knowledgeable we are, but in our falling on our faces before God in sheer wonder and crying, “0 the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments

and how unscrutable his ways!” Whenever our knowledge becomes dry or leaves us cold, something has gone wrong_ For whenever Christ opens the Scriptures to us and we learn from

him, our heart should be aglow within us. The more we know God the more we should love

him. I believe it was Bishop Handley Moule who said that we should beware equally of an undevotional theology and an untheological devotion.”


(“Your Mind Matters” by John RW Stott, pg.57, © 1972 Inter Varsity Press)


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