5 Vital Things to Remember in giving Tracts at School

Evangelism in school is a great idea. I have done it for the past years and I love it. So here are some tips in evangelizing a school.

  1. Time- in passing tracts should consider the time. Is it morning where students are still fresh or
  2. Permit- do you need a permit to do it. I think the best way is to give out tracts outside the campus. No permit needed.
  3. Occasion/event-what activities that will gather much students that you will be able to give tracts or do some one on one evangelism? Check the school calendar of activities and grab that opportunity to share Christ.
  4. Place- is it inside or outside? If its outside make sure it’s near the gate. If its inside you can do it at a lobby, gym or consider you evangelism team to go room to room.
  5. The tract-it will be nice if the gospel tract has a theme about schools or related to school. Think of a gospel tract that will stimulate their thinking or a cool tract that they will easily accept. How about a tract on evolution or the latest controversies that you can give a religious bent?

Any more things we should remember? Please add it at the comments.


One thought on “5 Vital Things to Remember in giving Tracts at School

  1. My husband was walking along and someone handed him a tract, with candies. Great idea, especially for those that would not have taken tracts.

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