5 Essential Things to Do in a Bible Conference

Bible conferences are spiritual investment that will shape you as a Christian. Here are some things to make the most of your stay.

  1. Have a conference buddy– you won’t get lonely if you tag along a friend. Review what you have already learned. Share notes. Go to different breakout sessions and come back to share what you have acquired.
  2. Go take notes- bring a notebook or audio recorder. 
  3. Raise questions-it’s a good time to ask questions to clarify things. Don’t let this conference be a one way street.
  4. Make friends to other believers-add more Christian friends! Widen your social circle. This is the best place to meet people and share fresh ideas. Invite them to your church or ask for a fellowship.
  5. Talk to the speaker-tell your appreciation about his topic, ask for an autograph, or  request for more information about his ministry.


Anything you might add? Please post it on the comment.


7 thoughts on “5 Essential Things to Do in a Bible Conference

    • really wow i want to meet him…i read his books…amazing…what if i send you his books then have it autographed is it ok with you… __________________________________________________________________

      marianito m. gonzales

      13Wala nang hihigit pang pag-ibig kaysa rito, na ang isang tao ay mag-alay ng kaniyang buhay para sa kaniyang mga kaibigan.Juan 15:13



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