5 Essential Perks for Being First to Comment on a Blog Post

You are reading a fresh and interesting blog post then as you scroll down at the end of the article you find that no one is yet commenting. Will you break the silence of the uncommented article? Here are the benefits if you dare take the first comment:

  1. You will encourage others to comment- it’s a great help for the blogger for you to initiate a comment or a “like” to the blog post. Flood of comments will come if you start it.
  2. You will make the post livelier-if the post is disappointing, a dose of encouragement or criticism as comment will resurrect the post as others join in to comment.
  3. Your will set the conversation- you’ll be king of the comment and others are second fiddle as you set the conversation over the comment. Rather the comment are directed to the post itself, you comment will be the star.
  4. You will get notice first by others- it’s a plus if you have a blog, a social network or a website as the first to comment others will click your link. I experience that one time.
  5. They won’t settle for the Like button- appreciation to the article won’t stop on just liking it but a comment initiated by you will get their keyboards busy to voice out.

Hope you like this post. Can you add something to the post? Please free to share it on the comments.


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