Zac Poonen on the Christian Home

Ptr. Poonen in his book, A Heavenly Home (a collection of sermons he delivered at the wedding of his four sons), he writes:

“We all know how when we go into some homes that we don’t feel at home there. Whereas in other homes, right from the moment we enter, they make us feel completely at home. It is difficult to explain this feeling, but we all know it. A Christian home must be a place where Jesus feels completely at home. That means that He is happy about everything He sees there. He is happy about the books you read, the magazines you get, the conversation between husband and wife, the things you talk about, the programs you watch on TV and everything else. In many Christian homes, they have Bible-verses hanging on the wall. But Jesus does not feel at home there.

Can you imagine with what tremendous anticipation God brought Adam and Eve together. What wonderful plans He had for them as a Father. I am a father, and I know with what anticipation I see my son getting married today. But what I feel is only a fraction of what God felt when He brought Adam and Eve together. He hoped that they would have a wonderful home where He would always be first. But how soon God was disappointed. He was not angry with them, He was sad. I believe there is a lot of sadness in God’s heart today when He sees the condition of many a Christian home, where there is no peace, but only quarreling and fighting. They turn to Him only when they are in trouble. The people of the world turn to God only when they face some problems. But as Christians we are to be different. God is not an emergency number that we are to call when we are in some difficulty. No. God must be the Centre of our lives at all times.”


(“A Heavenly Home” by Zac Poonen, © 2009)


How do you maintain a Christ-centered home? Please post it on the comments.


2 thoughts on “Zac Poonen on the Christian Home

  1. Nitroy, I agree with this. Very tragic that so many of our homes are unfit for God to be comfortable in, and sadly in too many cases our homes are a reflection of our hearts….

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