Worth the Wait: Delighting Grace Interviews True Love Waits Philippines



 Bumping into the National Director of True Love Waits (TLW) Philippines is something that won’t happen everyday. But as Derek Ross told me it is not an accident, it has a purpose. While having a sortie over Batangas City, his team is preparing for a TLW events on the campus, I met him and ask him if I can interview him about TLW. He gave me his business card and by e-mail I ask questions with the topic about co-habitation, pre-marital sex and RH Bill. And of course True Love Waits. So here is the interview with True Love Waits Philippines (Christin Alvarez,  Editorial Coordinator):

Delighting Grace: Hello, I accidentally bumped at you while youre in a plaza in Batangas City.You corrected me and said God is in it has a purpose. So what are you doing there or rather whats TLW up to?

True Love Waits: First of all, TLW is a group effort of myself and 4 wonderful staff,http://www.wagmuna.com/purity-movement/tlw-staff/ Ree Soria in Marketing, Leslie Vergara in Training, Oda Zapanta our Technical Head and Christin Alvarez our Editorial Coordinator who wrote most of this article with my small input. Plus, we have about 145 volunteers who join us when we need to do an event or talk in a school. In Batangas we were giving out Sex tracts and sharing to people what God has to say about sex during Batangas City Day. Check our site if you want to know more about Sex Tracts.

Delighting Grace: So tell us what is True Love Waits & what does TLW offer? I think you conduct seminars at school. What’s it all about?

True Love Waits: True Love Waits Philippines is a non-profit organization and our goal is to connect Filipino youth to God and His plan for absolute purity. We are committed to impacting youth by teaching them to be pure in heart which will lead them to make the right choices, especially in the issue of sexual abstinence until marriage. We reach the youth by holding conferences around the country; conducting talks and trainings to students and adults alike in churches, schools, government offices and other various organizations; we also conduct talks specifically tailored for parents. More than the goal of challenging Filipino youth to be pure in heart through these activities, we desire to equip and partner with them to spread the message of  “Purity and Abstinence” nationwide.

Delighting Grace:How does True Love Waits differ from that of US and here in the Philippines in terms of how you handle people response about sex.Are they the same?

True Love Waits:TLW is a world-wide campaign but purity is God’s idea, not just a good idea. Living in a Facebook world; Filipino youth might have more in common with American (or Korean) youth than they have with their Filipino Parents. So in regards to temptations and character, we’re about the same.

Delighting Grace:Now lets talk about co-habitation or live-in. What is it & why do people engage in this set up?

True Love Waits:Well, live-in arrangements among couples have become so popular because they can be boyfriend-girlfriend while enjoying sexual intimacy that is only exclusive for a husband-wife relationship. In short more than a dating relationship but also less than marriage. People prefer living-in because they don’t have to keep the life-long commitment that married couples do in front of many witnesses. In a way, it’s easier for both parties because they have not committed their lives to each other. The moment someone changes his/her mind about the relationship, he/she can just move out without thinking much about it.

 Delighting Grace:What are the dangers of live-in?

True Love Waits:Marriage has its own problems but live-in arrangements has ten times the problems. The dangers of live-in are innumerable because from one wrong deed springs another wrong and so on, like roots sprouting more roots in different directions. Live-in arrangement was never God’s plan for a man and woman who love each other. It’s either you stay single or you get married. It may seem that God has such an absolute and irrevocable plan that it would cause many to rebel against Him because He’s so unreasonable and such a killjoy. “Why can’t we do as we please as long as we don’t hurt anybody” ? we’d ask. Well, we’re wrong most of the time. Humans are the real joy killer and not God. He made parameters for sex to be inside marriage because He want to protect us from dangers of non-committal relationships like live-in arrangements. God wants to give us joy in marriage but we keep trying to kill it.

The other invisible side of the live-in issue is Multiple conconcurrent sex partnerships which resemble a giant, invisible web of relationships through which HIV/AIDS spreads according to Dr. Edward Green, Senior Research Scientist Harvard School of Public Health.

Filipino couples say “We’re in Love” and that’s why we’re together. That statement is followed by “We’re committed”. But this kind of commitment is short term. It’s called SERIAL MONOGAMY. You’re truly committed to one person but only for a year or two and then your fully committed to another for another year or two. This is how HIV is spreading in the Philippines.

Delighting Grace:How would you advice couples considering or in that kind of relationship?

True Love Waits:Based on what I’ve already said, couples should strive to have relationships that are life-long rather than jumping from one relationship to another and breaking their own hearts.

Delighting Grace:The R.H. Bill is a hot topic right now. What is the stand of TLW on this very controversial issue? Is TLW, somewhat affected by this issue?

True Love Waits: The issue is not whether TLW is affected but how are people affected or are going to be affected by it. We cannot nitpick in talking about RH Bill because it covers such a broad subject in an attempt to solve economic problems. But if we delve deeper, the problem is not actually economic but social. It also just happens that TLW is in a line of work where we are promoting sexual abstinence until marriage and the RH Bill is promoting promiscuity by distributing condoms. Pro-RH people cringe at this kind of argument that it’s not all about condoms.

Okay, it’s not all about condoms but they cannot deny the fact that they will distribute condoms for free without restrictions as to whoever asks for it, and that includes young people which is the majority of the demographic TLW ministers to. The RH Bill definitely affecst how people will behave socially especially in the aspect of sexuality. The bill poses a possibility for young people to perform risky sexual behaviors as majority lack the knowledge that condoms don’t give 100% protection.

 Delighting Grace: Please invite our readers to check True Love Waits.

True Love Waits: If you are interested to know more what True Love Waits is about, please visit http://www.WAGMUNA.com and check out our blogs, music http://www.wagmuna.com/media/music/and other purity movement resources. We.d love to hear from you too! We have a get together night coming this September in our Manila office, everyone is invited Friday September 21st.

Delighting Grace: Any parting words for those who are seeking a relationship?

True Love Waits: We all yearn to be loved and accepted that’s why we seek to be in a relationship. But earthly relationships can only last for so long. You get married and probably spend your life with that person for 40-60 years and after that what? You die and your relationship is no more. Pursuing God is the greatest way you can truly experience True Love because after all, He is the source of it all.

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