A Mouthful on “Word of Mouth” Books

My pastor once told a funny story. A news that was blown into exaggerated proportions. The story was a man that was bitten by a small snake. When the story reached the next town the story it inflated by adding that the snake was as big as an arm of a baby. Reaching the neighboring town the story was distorted. The news of a man bitten by an Anaconda snake!

Word of mouth can be an ally when we are sick with marketing and endless advertising of a certain book. Who can’t resist a recommendation of a friend and see how it affected him. With the advance of social media it gave word of mouth buzz the next level. Personal blogs can serve hot reviews of the latest Christian book without being bias.

While word of mouth can be useful it has its downs too. The one thing and most important of all it wouldn’t guarantee a Christian to read biblical stuff. It may be useful or spiritual but it may be just a slab of pragmatism.  So we must be discerning on what we digest spiritually. Be aware of what might be spiritual damaging to us. So before you become convince to pick up another word of mouth book, check it first if its biblical and most importantly God exalting. Heed to this advice from the Apostle Paul:

1 Thessalonians 5:21 “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”


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