The Challenge of Life towards God’s Faithfulness

Friday night I found myself attending a Married Men Fellowship at our maiden church. You might be thinking, why on earth a single guy be attending the married men group? Well first because our pastor, Ptr. Joberth Hernandez is the guest speaker and I ‘m documenting it. Two, I want to hear him address the fathers of that church and be bless. And lastly, I want to take some notes and post it here on Delighting Grace. So here is the sermon our beloved pastor preached on that occasion.

The Challenge of Life towards God’s Faithfulness

Ptr. Joberth Hernandez

Genesis 22

Introduction: In line with this year’s theme of Good Shepherd Baptist Church “Gratefulness to God’s Unfailing Faithfulness”, this sermon is on how faithful God is to us fathers. When we speak of being a father, Abraham came to my mind and his faith towards God. If you check his life he lives a nomad life moving here to there. Another is how faith is also required in the promise of God to him in having a son in Genesis 17. We all know he and his wife is old. Abraham didn’t look at this but stayed focus on God.

In our family we all have problems. Most of it is not giving TIME for our family. But remember problems will come but God is faithful.

So what are the challenges God gave to Abraham.

  1. God challenge Abraham’s quality of faithv. 1-3 “purity of faith”
    1. Faith with complete trust in God- Abraham gave no reservations. He gave God his 100%
    2. Faith with full assurance v. 7-8. God will provide. In verse 5, he gave a promise to the servants that they will comeback all four of them. Full trust on the outcome. Can you give it back to God? God will challenge us in our faith and trust. God always has an answer.
  2. God challenge the quality of obediencev. 1-6
    1. Abraham followed without conditions- unlike Gideon
    2. Abraham followed without questions-sometimes we question God. But look at Abraham.
    3. Abraham followed with full confidence-v.1 he is able to say “Here I am.”

God will always challenge our faith. Will our answer be “Here I am”?

  1. God challenge the quality of time– v.15-24
    1. Abraham was tested by quality of experience in time with God. How’s our time with God?
  2. God challenge the quality of his service to God-v. 1-24
    1. The way Abraham gave God his performance is always at his best. (Ecl. 3:15).

Conclusion: Looking back the days when you’re single or the time you came to know Christ. You can’t do those things isn’t it? But let me tell you this. Family is not the hindrance to be on service to God. He may not be able to do those things way back but we may be at another ministry that God calls us to. It is not a burden to serve God. Let us all be challenged by what Abraham did for God.


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