5 Essential Things to Know on What Book You’ll Read Next

 Clueless on what book will you read next? If you planning to visit a bookstore, try following these tips for your next book fix.

  1. The Need- your spiritual need that needs to be equipped. Say for example you need advice on discipleship, then find books about discipleship.
  2. The Author- Not just to know who wrote the book but know his forte and other works he wrote.
  3. The Blurbs-I love this part. Check who’s endorsing his book. It will give you an idea what the book is all about.
  4. The book section-the book section is a giveaway answer on what the book and the author is and what kind of book you’re looking for. It will be nicer if it has sub-sections.
  5. Contents –check its Table of Contents. Do the chapters strike something in your spiritual need?
  6. Similar authors-don’t get stuck on one writer. Check out other authors. Other authors may have more in-depth and comprehensive treatment on the subject.

Do you have number 7? Please post it on the comment.


4 thoughts on “5 Essential Things to Know on What Book You’ll Read Next

  1. Who is the Publisher – some publishing companies are more trust-worthy than others, and only in certain years. Moody Publishing, Word, Nav – I would trust these publishers, but lately, some are tending towards modernism.

    Also, the blurbs would give an idea of the kinds of people endorsing the books. I also check on the Bible versions used, not necessarily given the heaviest weight in the decision-making [on getting the book], but tend to steer away from the very, very modern versions. Century, Living Translation, and the kind.

    Writing style – go through some sample chapters. If the topic is interesting and helpful but the reader hates the writing style, it won’t be read, just like having an attractive piece of clothing that does not suit – it won’t be worn.

    God bless Brother Nitz – you are oar-sum!

    • publisher yep ive mentioned that over A Trip To Booksale…
      writing style great observation tita!!!!thank you God bless!!!

    • well Christian should be discerning specially today sadly rather go something that will grow spiritually most of our Christian friends indulge over relationship books…

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