5 Important Things to Remember for Christian Film Showing

Another cool idea to get people know the gospel is through film showing. Here are 5 things to consider if you’re planning to have one:

  1. Place- Is it inside a campus, auditorium or a house? Where can you plug your device for the presentation?
  2. People- are they students, believers etc? Will they easily understand or relate with the film?
  3. Video- will it be evangelistic for the unsaved or will edify the Christian or both? Choose what film you will present. How about the language? Will they easily grasp the message?
  4. Gospel presentation- it will be a plus if we can present the gospel aside from the film’s own presentation of it. Be ready to preach the gospel or ask someone to do it.
  5. Equipment-check laptops, speakers, microphones and projectors. You must have backups too.

Love to hear some of your ideas. Please post in on the comments.


2 thoughts on “5 Important Things to Remember for Christian Film Showing

  1. I have one more to add – Prayer! It’s so important before, during and after an event like this. You never know what God will use to bring someone to Him or just to encourage one of His believers. Your post caught my eye because I wrote one about what to do after someone DOES make a decision for Jesus after watching a film and the film I was personally talking about was “Facing the Giants” http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/cfdb-discussions/after-watching-a-christian-film-a-decision-is-made-to-follow-jesus-now-what/ – you may want to read it and tell me what you think. It is the next step after what you are talking about.

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