The Right Response to an Answered Prayer (Part 2)

(I preached this message during our Prayer Meeting last February 29, 2012. This is part 2 of it. Our text is Acts 12:10-17. I hope and pray you’ll be blessed!!!)

Last week we got hold of the two right responses to an answered prayer. They are expect it and don’t doubt it. Here are the rest:

  1. Accept it. Verse 16 we read that instead of letting pastor Peter in, Rhoda didn’t let him in. the members of the church in Jerusalem didn’t believe that Peter was outside. They wouldn’t accept it at first. As we pray to God we must accept the answer to our prayers. As I have said the two important thoughts on prayer it may not be gain or we may not be dependent on the outcome that’s why  we don’t accept God’s reply. How many times did God gave you answers? How did you react upon it? how many times did we overlook it for something else? Remember this: we are letting opportunity pass by when we don’t accept it. we are letting the blessings of God slip away. As Peter knocks on the door so is our answered prayer that keeps knocking to us. So my beloved, open the door for that answered prayer to fill your life.
  2. Tell it to others (verse 17). Answered prayers are blessings filled with joy and gladness to the soul. We should proclaim our God’s goodness in His response to our prayers. Why? Here are two reasons:

 aTestimony– the living proof that despite of who we are there is a living God that answers our prayers. Also it is an evidence of our strong faith in Him. It will reinforce others to earnestly pray too.

b. Praise– telling others is a form of thank you note towards our Creator. Do you want to praise God for His loving kindness to you? Then tell it to others.

Now as we close, how’s your prayer life? Any answered prayer lately? Or isn’t about time to expect, have faith, accept and tell others your answered prayer? May God move you to have the right response to your answered prayer!


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