5 Essential Things to Remember When Going Online in a Computer Shop


For those who don’t have an internet connection at home it’s a hassle going out to use a public computer. So to make it a little bit of heaven for your internet fix, here are the 5 things you need to remember when going online at your neighborhood internet shop.

  1. Your Password-Do you know your password?  Better know your password for your e-mail, social media site, blogs, file sharing site etc., before logging in.
  2. What to Search-write a list of things (in an index card or notebook) you’ll be look for. This is best for those students who are doing research and homework. Don’t waste your time remembering it when you’re online.
  3. Your USB or flash drive-Don’t forget to carry it for uploading or downloading some digital files.
  4. The Time- Since you’re in an internet café (here in the Philippines), you have a per hour charge of use, you have to be time conscious so that you don’t misuse it for unnecessary stuff.
  5. Your Stuff- Have you seen those CCTV clips on some thief in a public computer shop stealing valuables from customers who are busy in their surfing?  Listen! You might be the next! So keep an eye to your personal belongings.

Anything you like to add? Please post it on the comment.


6 thoughts on “5 Essential Things to Remember When Going Online in a Computer Shop

  1. Very interesting article. I learned some about how some people in the Philipines get online. I to live in a secluded area. For years I used dial-up or went to the library. This year I was able to get a pc card that is on a prepay account. It is a blessing, however to have a little internet.at the house now.

    • thanks for the comment i thought we guys over the phils are the only one experiencing this online drag. as for me i have an android phone but it needs a wifi hot spot w/c sometime are so slow so i have to go on a public internet cafe (with all the noisy kids playing online games). God bless you bro..

      • I have a desktop and laptop, but also switched from Blackberry to Android about 6 months ago. What a world of difference between the two. One can almost do anything they desire on an Android.

        Hey if your on Facebook, then look me up.

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