6 Important Things to Prepare for a Youth Group Fellowship

Being a youth group leader is a hard task but its fulfilling because you get to share yourself and most importantly God’s Word. So if you’re a novice on this ministry let’s look at 6 important things you need to prepare for this kind of fellowship:

  1. The time- We hold our fellowship after lunch or 1:30pm before our Gospel Hour. Set your time, be punctual and stick with it.
  2. The place-Of course it should be at church but on special fellowships it can be on another church or at our members’ home.
  3. Materials- Bible, notebooks, pens, stuff to be used in games or reflection, microphones, etc.
  4. Guest speaker- the guest speaker needs to be reminded beforehand the time and place of the fellowship. Also the topic he will preach.
  5. Everyone’s part –make sure you have delegated it to the group. Before hand they know who will be the opening prayer, games, reflection, special number etc.
  6. A devotional message- The most important in any fellowships is the preaching part. Know what topic your youth group needs (does it need topic about leadership or evangelism).  Prepare it a week before if possible.

I love to hear thoughts about this topic. Please post your comments.


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