Ray Comfort on the part of Apologetics in Evangelism


Ray Comfort on commenting on the part of Apologetics in Evangelism:

“Although apologetics (the systematic defense of the faith) plays an important part of evangelism, it’s vital to realize that they have a limited function in reaching the lost. If we confine our evangelism to arguing about the existence of God, the inspiration of Scripture, the age of the earth etc., we are like a man who goes fishing with abait but no hook. Although he may attract the fish, they will end up fat and happy—and they will get away. The function of bait is to attract the fish and disguise the hook. When the fish comes around, the fisherman pulls the hook into the jaw and catches his fish. Apologetics are the bait, and the hook is God’s Law. It is the law that appeals to a man’s conscience and brings the knowledge of sin.

(“The Way of the Master: How to Share Your Faith Simply, Effectively, Biblically..the Way Jesus Did” by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron pp. 139, copyright 2002, 2003, 2004 by Ray Comfort and Camrolio Productions, Inc. published by Tyndale Books) 


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