5 Awesome Ways to Make Most of an Online Article


Reading is one of the skills that are sharpened while online. So to make most of the articles on a website, blog or even a Facebook note, check the 5 ways to enjoy those articles:

  1. Look for Key Words- if you don’t have time to read all the contents I suggest finding the key words. Some are so generous that they put those words in bold or italic.
  2. Check the links- you’ll love a link in an article. It maybe a link to a previous part of or to a link to further study the subject. So check out the links.
  3. Read the similar articles- I love it when a blog provides similar articles on the end of the article. It provides additional knowledge or view to the subject of the article you have read.
  4. Bookmark it- This will enable you to go back and read it again to better digest the article.
  5. Share it-Be a social media philanthropist! Share the article to your friends over Facebook and Twitter.

Do have a number 6? Please do post it on the comment.

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