5 More Christian Blogs You Should Read and Follow

Here is the sequel to the “7 Christian Blogs You Should Read and Follow”. Some are new discoveries and others are blogs that I keep coming back. The articles are very interesting and insightful. So please check the list and go to the blogs to enjoy its contents.

1. The Gospel Coalition– (http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/)A excellent Christian bloggers by themselves, teamed up for TGC blog. Here you can read blogs by Justin Taylor, D.A. Carson, Kevin DeYoung and many more in just one blog. Awesome!

2. Radical Womanhood-(solofemininity.blogs.com) great article with a feminine appeal to different issues on relationships and culture. Well written and very Christ centered the blog burst with a woman’s view on matters that is important to Christians.

3. Simply Heavenly Food-( http://simplyheavenlyfood.tumblr.com/) my next door neighbor in Tumblr. I consider her the Bible Answer Woman of Tumblr. Check out the Q&A post she has. Fantastic response from a sweet Christian lady.

4. Joshua Harris Blog-( http://www.joshharris.com/) you might know Josh by his bestselling books like “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” and “Boy Meets Girl”. But in this blog he shows the others side of him being a pastor and a follower of Christ. Great articles to read although it’s not regularly updated, still the blog is worth visiting.

5. Mormon Coffee-( http://blog.mrm.org/) The blog of Mormon Research Ministry. An apologetic blog with compassion to reach out LDS. Check blog post by I’ve been following Sharon Lindbloom since I subscribe to “Words for the Weary” years ago. I love what they post about Mormonism.

So what’s your favorite blog? Post it here…

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