5 Vital Things to Lighten your Hard Chores

Washing the dishes, mowing the lawn or ironing a pile of clothes is sometimes a bummer. Here some tips to help you lighten chores at home:

  1. Seek some help-call up two, three or a battalion of friends to lend a hand to you.
  2. Play some music-pump up the volume and enjoy some inspirations that will make your chores a walk in the park.
  3. Divide the chores-dividing the chores by giving each an interval to pause and rest.
  4. Choose the time of the day-what period of the day you are more in the mood or productive to get the chores done?
  5. Think of the reward- after the chore reward yourself with a 2 hour bath or tub of ice cream. Just think about the reward will lighten your work.

Anything you can add to this list? Please post it on the comment.


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