10 Things You Should Know About Creating a Quote Blog

My quote blog, One Battle At A Time (http://1battleatatime.tumblr.com) started out of love of quotes I text from my mobile phone to Christian friends. I decided to put up a blog in order that I won’t lose some of the quotes and to find a wider audience. From then on, my quotes had its own home at Tumblr and people can access it. In the process of posting blog quotes I learn a lot. So I would like to share with you some important things to know if you want to create your own quote blog.

  1. Do it for the glory of God. This may sound cliché but it should be. It maybe for some other reasons why you do it (one of the reason I made 1 battle at a time is my response to other quote blogs who aren’t posting Christian quotes). But you should put the main reason is for God’s glory. Make that the first priority. Put it on your prayer that whatever you post will inspire people and lead them to know about Christ.
  2. Be sure you love reading. If not then start cultivating a habit of reading even if you’re not creating a blog.
  3. You should love books. I love books and I read them. I collect them. I check National, PCBS and BookSale often. I search Google for free books too. To push it further in my case, love the books you like to read, love the books you don’t like but should read and books either you love or don’t love that you should read but you won’t be able to read because of some reasons. Not only books but booklets, magazine even sermons. Because that’s were you find worthy quotes for your blog. And don’t forget, do it for your spiritual growth not for the sole purpose of blogging.
  4. Get the right book (or the sources) and start getting quotes. Get books you previously read. It will be easy if you have marked them already. If you haven’t read a book and start quoting, it will be much difficult for you.  Scan thoroughly for hidden gems. Get the quotes that mention something about Christ, God or the Bible etc. It will also be wise if the author is quotable. Take for example John Piper and E.M. Bounds post in my blog. You can find great quotes in every paragraph of their books.
  5. You should love blogging. I’ve been blogging since 2004. Not only love blogging but read blogs and follow blogs. I read blogs by Tim Challies and Desiring God. Read also blogs that will also enhance your blogging skills with tips and advice like Bit Rebels. In that way you get some idea about blogging.
  6. Choose a blog site. Wordpress and Blogger/Blogspot offers FREE blogging site. But I prefer Tumblr for a lot of reason.
  7. Choose other outlet other than your blog. If you have Twitter or Facebook or your mobile phone (which I also use) that will be good. It is useful for reaching wider audience and promotion of your blog. In my case, Tumblr is connected to those two social media site, so if I post something on Tumblr it will automatically post on those sites. What I like about Tumblr you can auto post and make it a daily installment posting. Great!
  8. Be consistent. Have your own pace on posting quotes. Don’t push yourself but make sure you post often to make your blog updated.
  9. Be original. Even if there are gazillions of websites or blogs out there with Christian quotes, make room for originality. Find it and it will be worth it.
  10. Know the rewards. Its enough that in your little blog you glorify God but it also comes with an extra. Meeting new friends, getting liked and commended positively (or negatively), reblogged, guesting on another blog etc are great perks too.

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