7 Things You’ll Like about Tumblr

You might have heard about Tumblr but didn’t give a second look. You might already have FaceBook and Twitter. But there are lots of things you might like about Tumblr that those social media sites don’t offer. And here is my list of it:

  1. It’s a blog and social media site combined. It’s like Twitter not bound in 140 characters. So you can instantly read, watch and listen to post.
  2. Creative people abound. Pictures, articles, videos, quotes and music are the stuff that the Tumblr community dishes out. It inspires and energizes you to be creative also.
  3. Auto and delay posting. Yes you can publish post in the pace you like. Good for people who wants their post in daily installments.
  4. Connected with FaceBook and Twitter. Your post on Tumblr automatically post on those social media site.
  5. You can jazz it up. Friendster, Multiply and MySpace (does anyone remember those?)lets you tweak the look of your site. Tumblr makes it easier because of its themes and add ons like music, videos etc.
  6. The heart shape “like” button ^_^
  7. Reblogging. You reblogging (or being reblogged) of post can go along long way.

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