3 Essential Books on Eternal Security


Having salvation (saved by grace through faith in Christ finished work in the cross) is one thing but being safe from falling out of it and being unsaved again is another. We call that great promise as eternal security. Like many I use to struggle with that notion that I’m not saved or I lost my salvation. Thank God that blessed truth is reinforced in me over and over through the Scriptures and Christian books.  So I would like to present to you three excellent books that tackle the topic of eternal security of a believer.

  1. Saved Forever by Chuck Swindoll– technically this is a booklet. Swindoll addresses the book those people who are carried by “religious charlatans” that preach you can lose your salvation. Chuck Swindoll exceptional Bible teacher and can make difficult topics understandable and easily be applied. Brief but helpful booklet.




2. Full Assurance by Harry A. Ironside– a classic one from a great preacher. This book is divided into two parts. The first part, Ironside unravels how Christ saves us and how He assures us in every aspects of that salvation (hope, faith, understanding ). Then in the second part (which I really love) he goes on to answers common questions that bring doubts on the salvation of a believer. Very convincing and encouraging. By the way, you can check it out online and read it for free by clicking here.


3. Saved Without A Doubt by John MacArthur Jr. -Sub-titled “How to be Sure of Your Salvation”, the book not just embark on how Christ redeemed us and ensures us in that salvation. It also encourage us to examine ourselves by employing eleven test derived from 1 John if we are truly saved. Also John MacArthur included important aspects like dealing with doubt, gaining victory and admonish in persevering to further enhance this important topic. You can read the sample chapter “Is It Real?” by clicking here. Encouraging and motivating as well, this book is best for a believer who wants to dig deeper in the issue.

Do you have other books in mind in the topic of eternal security? I love to read your comments on this.


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