8 Christian Blogs You Should Follow and Read

nternet is not all about FaceBook and Twitter. It is also about blogs. Long before the existence of social media sites, there were blogs. Now blogs has a right of its own in the web as a moving factor in information and resources sharing. Now most of the websites have blogs. Christian leaders has blogs too where they can share their thoughts and readers can comment. They are now appreciating the power of blogs. Now without further ado, I present to you 8 Christian blogs you should follow and read:

1. Tim Challies (www.challies.com)  – “Informing the Reforming” is the tag line of this very popular blog. The main theme of this blog is how Christianity and technology meet. But it didn’t stop there. Book reviews, Booking readings, podcast, articles, social media etc. The Ala Carte is worth waiting everyday.


2.Desiring God– (http://www.desiringgod.org/blog) this blog has tons of Christ exalting and God-centered articles from the John Piper and the blog team.


3. Ron Edmonson Blog– (www.ronedmonson.com) for interesting tips and advice on being a leader and a pastor.


4. Blogging Theologically-(http://www.bloggingtheologically.com/) Aaron Armstrong blogs about 3 things: Jesus, Culture and Theology. Filled will great theological stuff that you’ll actually read and share. Check it out!


5.Practical Shepherding– (http://briancroft.wordpress.com/) by Ptr Brian Croft. This blog is not updated but the articles are worth reading and it really is practical.


6.Eternal Perspective Ministry (or EPM) blog- (http://www.epm.org/blog/) Randy Alcorn’s blog. He writes about basically everything on Christian Living specially on Sufferings, Family Issues, Stewardship etc.,


7. Ministry to Children blog– ( http://ministry-to-children.com/) by Tony Kummer. His mission to this blog is to give 100% free articles and resources for those who are in the children’s ministry. Lots of other interesting stuff to check out like coloring pages, games, vbs, crafts, lessons and more…I enjoy this blog a lot.


8. Grace to You blog– (http://www.gty.org/blog)  John MacArthur’s blog resembles like the Desiring God blog but you love the content it offers.


So what’s your favorite? Is it included in the list? Your comment is really appreciated.

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