8 Essential Things Your Bag Should Have

If I check out your bag, what would I see?  You should have the following in your bag and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Here’s the list:

  1. Bible- not a phone app but a physical copy of the Word of God so you can read it anywhere.
  2. Notebook– if inspiration strikes, scribble it down.
  3. A ball pen– of course, the better half of your notebook.
  4. A Christian book– if you’re a classy type, carry an I-Pad that contains digital format of a book. Additional spiritual food.
  5. USB– making your documents on the go and if don’t have an internet connection at home and wants to download stuff at an internet café.
  6. Gospel tracts– grab the opportunity to evangelize if you can squeeze it in your schedule. Carry enough to give strangers.
  7. Your mobile phone– do I need to explain it.
  8. MP3 player– your mobile phone should do the job but if you’re using a gadget for it, it will be nice. Portable music for your entertainment and spiritual growth (it will be great if you have MP3 version of the Bible).

Did your favorite stuff make it in the list? If not tell me. Please share it on the comment.


4 thoughts on “8 Essential Things Your Bag Should Have

  1. thanks for the post..I am into wordpress now again..since they have so many features now to “fight back” tumblr as the king of blog platform!

  2. I have a bag EXACTLY like that green Jansport. In it I carry: a ball-point pen, a few pieces of a World Map jigsaw puzzle (to inspire traveling), the book of Mormon, and some seeds I found during a hike. Sadly, nothing to write on.

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