Used Book Finds: Love Life by Donald Grey Barnhouse

I love the Gospel of John. Among all of the gospel account of Jesus, John’s gospel stands out (and I think that is another reason why we he is called “the Beloved “ J). We sometimes recommend it to new believers and skeptics to first read it. It is also the most controversial because of the opening verse (John 1:1) that cults try to twist it meaning. I also love books that have a commentary of that gospel. Though I haven’t read this book, “Love Life” by the late Donald Grey Barnhouse (2nd printing 1974, Regal Books) which I have bought at BookSale ((a second hand/used book store in the Philippines), it’s one of those books that gears on unraveling John’s gospel. I hope as you find books that help us understand the Gospel of John, let us continue to love the Bible more for it’s the true source of spiritual food.

How about you what gospel book do you like? Please post it on the comments.

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