Church News Update as of March 19, 2012

Blessings to all who are reading this update! Our church, Good Shepherd Baptist Mission had two memorable events last week.

First, a surprise birthday bash for our beloved pastor, Joberth Hernandez. He turned 44 and still fulfilling his calling from our Lord. The program was held last Thursday March 8. We had special numbers and games. Everyone got their turns to give our pastor their special message. We made his birthday unforgettable. Include our pastor in your prayer as God give him more years as a servant of God. Check the photos by clicking here.

Lastly, our mission church turned 14 last Sunday. Our theme for the year is “God Above All” and we filled our mission house with guest and fellow believers. In the morning service, our guest speaker Bro. Angel Francisco gave an evangelistic message that is soul stirring. Then we cap of the day with the afternoon service with Ptr Ding Dipasupil, our 2nd guest speaker addressing the members of the church and admonishing us to make God above all our lives. Truly it was a blessed day for us. Thank you to all who prayed and supported us! God bless you! Check out the Anniversary photos by clicking here.

This coming March 31 we will be having our Youth Revival with different Baptist Churches involved please continue to uphold us in your prayer.

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