DVD Review: God of Wonders and The New Answers DVD

I and perhaps the many, who invest their lives for the sake of Christ, are constantly looking for tools to present the gospel in a way that will connect to the people around us. What better way to show it in a digital way. I was blessed to receive these DVD’s on creation science from our supporters from the US to be use in our ministry here in the Philippines. Not only will it be for the propagation of the gospel but for Christian growth.

I love creation science! I love Answers in Genesis and Institute for Creation Research! It’s a privilege to use these materials from those ministries that are dedicated to share God’s Word through creation science.

But let me tell you something. These DVD has evolution in it. It may shock you but I’ll unravel it as I review it.

The first DVD is “God of Wonders” by Eternal Production. I think they are best known by book and video on The Virgin Mary Apparitions, “Messages from Heaven”. I watched almost all their videos and they are constantly evolving in terms of the quality and content. God of Wonders is truly the fruit of their pursuit in giving a cutting edge creation science documentary. As always they have a powerhouse of Christian apologist, pastors and scientist giving their take on God’s magnificent creations whether it’s on the changing weather, plant life, and animals’ special features. Lively and engaging that you’ll get hooked. But this DVD is truly is something for John Witcomb, co-author of the ground breaking book, The Genesis Flood, hosted this video! The film ends with an evangelistic message.

This video is great for film showing to elementary, high school and college level audience. Highly recommended. If you want to view the whole video check it out below.

The last is “The New Answers DVD “from Answers in Genesis. This 3 DVD series was adapted from The New Answers books which has been evolving (or updated and expanded) for nearly 20 years now. Then it mutated in to video. This DVD is a collection of very concise and short (less than 4 minutes each) response to questions about not just creation and evolution but about the Christian faith. Questions like “Is There Really a God?”, “What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?” and many more are tackled. The video features AiG speakers like Ken Ham, Jason Lisle, Dr. David Menton and others. Now it’s time to get some answers to strengthen our faith and give answers to skeptic friends.

This video is best for Sunday school for high school and college level. Making use of the Study Guide (included in the DVD) will for sure enhance the discussion of the topic. And because the answers are very concise you need to give a little back ground about the topic before showing the video. Before you purchase it be sure to check the sample video below.

I hope you like this review and please do post your questions, suggestions etc. over the comment. God bless you guys!!!

5 thoughts on “DVD Review: God of Wonders and The New Answers DVD

  1. God Of Wonders Is A Amazing Thrilling DVD I Ever Watched And I Loved The Things That God
    Had Made In The Introduction Of God Of Wonders DVD And It Admires Me So Much And I Lov
    ed The Beauty And Wonders Of Creation! So Indescribable And Powerful DVD!!!

    PS I Appreciate People For Their Work On Making Of God Of Wonders!

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