2 Essential Books on Christian Leadership

Heads up leaders! Here are two books worth your time to furnish and build up the leader inside of you!

  1. Spiritual Leadership by J. Oswald Sanders– I love giving this book as a gift to people I know that needs some encouragement to lead people spiritually. Jam packed with biblical truth in leadership this book is the zenith of the late J. Oswald Sanders writing ministry. Christian leaders of our time uses this book over and over to refresh them of what spiritual leadership is. We Christians should always look in every leadership roles having a spiritual dimension. That’s where a Christ centered leaders should step in. Sanders open up a timeless advice to lead Christian with a higher level of understanding on leadership. I highly recommend this book with a caution: this book is not for the fainted heart!
  2. Courageous Leadership by Bill Hybels– Considered as one of the important book this Willow Creek Community Church pastor wrote, it contains an amazing array of strategies for what he calls “The 360 Degree Leader”. He maps in this book every direction a leader must do to impacting himself, the church, the unbelievers and peers. I consider one of the best part of this book is where Hybel’s tackles self-leadership. It’s under chapter nine titled “The Art of Self-Leadership”. I think this is the core of the book. Also worth noting is the next chapter called “A Leader’s Prayer”. Though I mentioned this book in this list, I would like to caution readers of some materials on this book specially the contemplative part. Please, please, please be discerning.

I remember a pastor once said that we Christians are not all called to be pastors, but all Christians are called to be leaders. What a powerful solid truth that we should follow. We should be leaders committed to unveil God’s mercy and love. Learn to lead people in any field God have placed you and do it now!


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