Digital Round Up #6

Howdy Amigos! Digital Round Up is Delighting Grace weekly roundup of great articles, websites, blogs, apps, videos, MP3, e-books, links and other freebies pick fresh for your discriminating taste. Please enjoy and use these resources for the glory of God.  So come on, indulge and come back for more….

Christian Book Summaries– don’t have time to read the best Christian books? Then read in an 8 page summary newsletter FREE. The mission of Christian Book Summaries is to enhance the ministry of thinking Christians by providing thorough and readable summaries of noteworthy books from Christian publishers.

Church Juice Training-FREE pdf files to help your church use social network like Facebook and Twitter to reach out and minister others.

Staying Alive by Tony Morgan-FREE e-book on Building a Legacy of Leadership

Never Read a Bible Verse by Greg Koukl-FREE pdf booklet on textual interpretations of Scripture made simple.

Defending the Bible by Dr. John C. Whitcomb a great article on pdf about defending the Bible, contemporary apologetics and the Christian faith.

From The Blog Archive:

 16 Crucial Questions Every Catholic Should Ask

Quote of the Week

“One great question for us to decide, if we would have in prayer is, Is God absolutely first?”– R.A. Torrey “How To Pray

More quotes over my Tumblr blog

Video of the Week:

“Defining Thankfulness” from Igniter Media

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