Getting to the Core of the Book

We love to devour those juicy read apples. Those crispy and luscious fruit we love to sink our teeth in. But we don’t go to the core. We throw it away because it’s worthless. But not with your books. We may consume the whole book without noticing the core. When I mean the core of the book it is the central part of the book that is where the whole theme of it is located. It is where the main lesson is placed then every other chapter or parts of it will be the sub-lessons. Like a movie, the core is the lead actor and others are the supporting cast. You can pull it out and the book will lose its relevance. You take it out and it will stand alone as if it’s the essence of the whole book.

In romance novels the good part or the most read is the most dent spine, most mess up page and the almost worn out. Once an author made that observation because the good part, according to her contains the love scenes. That’s why it’s the most read. But let’s not get into the romance novels, I think you got the point. The core is the main component of the book. If you’re keen enough in reading you will notice that part. Sometimes it’s the make or break of the book.

I pointed this out because of two books that came to my mind. One is from J. Oswald Sanders “Enjoying Intimacy With God” and “Courageous Leadership” by Bill Hybels (which by the way, I might mention here in this blog but with caution and discernment). Years ago I found in the internet a good lesson by Sanders titled “Circles of Intimacy of God” which became a tremendous help for our ministry. What I didn’t know is that its part of that book I mention. I got a copy of the book and with the look of things it is the core of it. Other parts are essential but you can see the first chapter tackling the four circles of intimacy carries the book itself. Another hand out titled “The Art of Self-Leadership” by Bill Hybels which I found in a campus ministry website, is a valuable and I would love to share to our young people. As of recent I found out it is chapter of a book on leadership by Hybels. Again the book is great but that chapter which I dig out as a handout stands by itself making its core.

I’m not here to make you core hunters and suck all the fun in your reading. That’s the real reason we should pick up the book. First is to inform us then for our enjoyment. But knowing the core of the book can be helpful in many ways. It saves us time or money to go on to the next book. We can dissect the core from a truly boring book and get all the nutrients. We can easily share it because we are giving the good part already. Handouts can be made. Lots of great things in store in finding the core.

Have you found the core of the book your reading now? I would love to know your comments on this topic.

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