Digital Round Up #5

Howdy Amigos! Digital Round Up is Delighting Grace weekly roundup of great articles, websites, blogs, apps, videos, MP3, e-books, links and other freebies pick fresh for your discriminating taste. Please enjoy and use these resources for the glory of God.  So come on, indulge and come back for more….

FREE 25 Textures for your next design

FREE Fonts-25 Cool and Best Fonts for January 2012

FREE “Grace and Glory” by Geerhardus Vos e-book

FREE “Pro Blogging for Newbies”  an e-book on the basic of blogging

Reconsecration to a Wartime, Not a Peacetime, Lifestyle by Ralph D. Winter-FREE article on how to make much of our life for Christ.

From The Blog Archive:

A Trip to BookSale: Finding Christian Books at a Used/Secondhand Bookstore

Quote of the Week

“All other loveliness is derived and secondary; but the loveliness of Christ is original and primary.” — John Flavel, “Christ Altogether Lovely”

More quotes over my Tumblr blog

Video of the Week:

What is a Worldview and how does it affect reality and our faith? Check this 22-minute video introduction to worldview.


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