8 Essential Things Your Bag Should Have

If I check out your bag, what would I see?  You should have the following in your bag and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Here’s the list:

  1. Bible- not a phone app but a physical copy of the Word of God so you can read it anywhere.
  2. Notebook– if inspiration strikes, scribble it down.
  3. A ball pen– of course, the better half of your notebook.
  4. A Christian book– if you’re a classy type, carry an I-Pad that contains digital format of a book. Additional spiritual food.
  5. USB– making your documents on the go and if don’t have an internet connection at home and wants to download stuff at an internet café.
  6. Gospel tracts– grab the opportunity to evangelize if you can squeeze it in your schedule. Carry enough to give strangers.
  7. Your mobile phone– do I need to explain it.
  8. MP3 player– your mobile phone should do the job but if you’re using a gadget for it, it will be nice. Portable music for your entertainment and spiritual growth (it will be great if you have MP3 version of the Bible).

Did your favorite stuff make it in the list? If not tell me. Please share it on the comment.


Used Book Finds: Body Life: The Church Comes Alive by Ray C. Stedman

After posting the book by Donald Grey Barnhouse, I think I should put a series of used book finds that I don’t actually readJ. Kidding aside, I should let my readers know that if I post a used book (except if it’s for my book reviews) it doesn’t mean I recommend it. I’m not stopping you for looking and reading it, if you really want to, but we should put our discernment caps on (so with my book reviews). Having that in mind, let’s turn to a book by Ray C. Stedman titled “Body Life” published by Regal Books ©1972. Did I mentioned I found this at BookSale ((a second hand/used book store in the Philippines)?

In this book Dr. Stedman talks about how the body of Christ (church) should edify one another. Not only does he tell it in a “how-to” manner but how in his own church, Peninsula Bible Church does it effectively. We always hope and pray that we believers should not be cold to each other.  Most importantly be passionately hot for serving one another. That when we will see the Holy Spirit working on everyone as we draw ourselves to God.

By the way, what books encourage you to edify fellow believers? Please post it on the comment.

4 Must Read Books on Prayer

Prayer is a Christian duty of praising, confessing, and petitioning to God. Many (including me) struggle with prayer. But there are books out there that encourage us to pray powerfully. Here is my list of the best read about praying:

1. Prayer: Asking and Receiving by John Rice- the first book I read about prayer. This book is soaked with powerful Biblical teaching and personal experience on praying. Simply engaging read.

2. In Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray– a classic from this Reformed pastor. Teaches that we should be humbly willing to be a student in prayer and asking Jesus to teach us the basics of it. It’s a not so easy read but the content is tremendously inspiring.

3. Power Through Prayer by E. M. Bounds– I think this book is a sermon turned into a book. This book belongs to a collection books of Edward McKendree Bounds on the subject on prayer. This one stands out for me. I find this book preaching not only to the people of the pew but also on the pulpit. Truly soul stirring. Great book!

4. How to Pray by R. A. Torrey- Torrey exhorts us the not just how to pray but the importance of praying in different circumstances. Very basic but very helpful.

Do you have a book about prayer in mind? Please post it on the comment section.


Church News Update as of March 19, 2012

Blessings to all who are reading this update! Our church, Good Shepherd Baptist Mission had two memorable events last week.

First, a surprise birthday bash for our beloved pastor, Joberth Hernandez. He turned 44 and still fulfilling his calling from our Lord. The program was held last Thursday March 8. We had special numbers and games. Everyone got their turns to give our pastor their special message. We made his birthday unforgettable. Include our pastor in your prayer as God give him more years as a servant of God. Check the photos by clicking here.

Lastly, our mission church turned 14 last Sunday. Our theme for the year is “God Above All” and we filled our mission house with guest and fellow believers. In the morning service, our guest speaker Bro. Angel Francisco gave an evangelistic message that is soul stirring. Then we cap of the day with the afternoon service with Ptr Ding Dipasupil, our 2nd guest speaker addressing the members of the church and admonishing us to make God above all our lives. Truly it was a blessed day for us. Thank you to all who prayed and supported us! God bless you! Check out the Anniversary photos by clicking here.

This coming March 31 we will be having our Youth Revival with different Baptist Churches involved please continue to uphold us in your prayer.

D.A. Carson on Mediocrity in Prayer

D. A. Carson comments on mediocrity as one of the excuses by Christians for not praying:

“Some Christians want enough of Christ to be identified with him but not enough to be

seriously inconvenienced; they genuinely cling to basic Christian orthodoxy but do not

want to engage in serious Bible study; they value moral probity, especially of the public

sort, but do not engage in war against inner corruptions; they fret over the quality of the

preachers sermon but do not worry much over the quality of their own prayer life. Such Christians are content with mediocrity.”


(Excerpt from A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and His Prayers by D.A. Carson Pages 111-121, as quoted from Third Millennium Ministries Newsletter )

Used Book Finds: Love Life by Donald Grey Barnhouse

I love the Gospel of John. Among all of the gospel account of Jesus, John’s gospel stands out (and I think that is another reason why we he is called “the Beloved “ J). We sometimes recommend it to new believers and skeptics to first read it. It is also the most controversial because of the opening verse (John 1:1) that cults try to twist it meaning. I also love books that have a commentary of that gospel. Though I haven’t read this book, “Love Life” by the late Donald Grey Barnhouse (2nd printing 1974, Regal Books) which I have bought at BookSale ((a second hand/used book store in the Philippines), it’s one of those books that gears on unraveling John’s gospel. I hope as you find books that help us understand the Gospel of John, let us continue to love the Bible more for it’s the true source of spiritual food.

How about you what gospel book do you like? Please post it on the comments.

7 Useful Tools to Power Up Your Laptop or PC

This list is a no brainer (I can almost hear you say”Duh?!”), but you need this for your laptop or PC. It’s very essential. Your digital life should have the following:

  1. The Holy Bible-God’s Word in digital format. For your Bible study or devotions. Free software like E-Sword or you can request a FREE copy from Blue Letter Bible. PDF format Bibles will do also. Some of it includes dictionaries, commentaries, devotionals etc so you’ll have a deeper understanding of God’s Word.
  2. Anti-Virus- to clean all those dirty USB or protects your machine when going online. You can download Avira or Avast for FREE.
  3. Photo Editing Software– Make your photos or images stunning. Adobe Photoshop is the most popular but you can download (FREE) alternative like GIMP 2. Also if you’re online you can use Picnik.
  4. E-Book Reader-Some books or articles you can download from the internet is on PDF format. Download Adobe Reader or Foxit to be able to read it. Also you might try Adobe Digital Edition for e-books if you don’t have readers like Nook, Kindle or I-Pad, you can still view it on your PC.
  5. Video player– can’t watch MP4 formats? Then download video players to play videos you have or you have downloaded on the internet. It will be good if it can play virtually all video formats. I recommend VLC player.
  6. Internet Browser-No surprise it’s on our list. You wont be able to check your FaceBook (and read this article) if you don’t have this. Orca Browser or Mozilla Firefox will do just great.
  7. File Extractor/Compressor– for multiple files that are in Zip or RAR format. You can use Win Zip already installed in your PC. For RAR I use Extract Frog which is FREE.

So that’s my list of essential tools your laptop or PC should have. Do you have something to add on the list? Please post it on the comment. I love to hear your answer.

(originally from my Facebook Notes, 20 August 2011)