Church Updates as of February 28, 2012

1. Our Love Sunday last February 19 was a blast. We had a joint fellowship with young people of Faith Baptist Church and some church visitors. Our mission house was filled with love and laughter as everyone participates on our special numbers and games. We are also blessed as our guest speaker Ptr. Rommel Manacop preaches about the greatest love of all and that is from God. Thank you for praying and supporting us. Our next activity will be our Youth Revival on March. Again please include us in your prayers. Click here to view photos of our Love Sunday.

2. We launch our lot fund campaign by introducing bamboo coin banks. Each of our members are eager to have his own for a great cause of the church. The coin banks will be open on December. Please intercede for us.

3.This first quarter of the year is about to close and we will have our meeting next Friday to plan for our next quarter. And the topic will be discipleship. Help us in our prayer that this meeting will bring spiritual fruits to every member of our church.

Thank you for reading this updates. May God bless you more!!!

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