Used Book Finds: Footprints in the Ash: The Explosive Story of Mount St. Helens by John Morris and Steven A. Austin

As I look at my mini library of Christian books collected in BookSale ((a second hand/used book store in the Philippines), I’m proud to have this coffee tablebook on creation science. It reminds me of two things: my early days in ministry (I collect creation science books and tracts to be donated to schools) and the Mt. Pinatubo eruption (which made our place a “winter wonderland” of volcanic ashes J).

One of my prized collections, this coffee table book is not just a compilation of striking photos of the eruption of Mount St. Helen but a biblical look at this catastrophe. This book serves as a documentary of the explosion and how it relates in the Genesis flood. Rapid formation of coal, fossilations, stratification, petrified trees and mini grand canyon etc,. Can lead observers that the earth might not be billions of years old. Backed with stunning photos, graphs and illustrations the books also boast with write ups on scientific findings of the Mount St. Helen and a gospel message. This book indeed is a must have for young earth creationist (like me).  I got the book for 65 pesos (I think) it is published by Master Books, August 2003. If this post prompts you to thirst about creation vs. evolution topics you might as well check these recommended sites: Institute for Creation Research and Answers in Genesis.

Any favorite creation science books? Please post it on the comments.


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