5 Awesome Importance of an Interview Article

Are you enjoying the interview post over this blog? I think the following list might be the reason why you like it:

  1. Gives you a teaser- Article interviews gives exciting appetizers to readers to the interviewee. Where his next book, project or website, interview article will make you crave for more.
  2. Gives you behind the scene view- If you like those behind-the-scene videos on how blockbuster movies are made, interview articles can also do that. How a specific interviewee says for example he is an author of a book. How he writes, the style or methods he apply, how important things came to be, who are the people working behind it etc., will captivate people to read or listen to interviews.
  3. Issues are answered- important issues are directly asked and answered. Interview articles are follow-ups and supplements for the interviewee’s previous statements.
  4. Sometimes it’s more personal- Article interviews get you in-depth to the person life and how it affects his stand or conviction.
  5. Very engaging- a no hold barred, one on one conversation interview is something to see. It will glue you to read it to the end.

Anything to add? Please post your comments


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