5 Essential Things to Remember Before Posting an Article on Your Blog

Here are 5 tips before you click that “Publish” button:

  1. Add more time to edit- As if you have a deadline to catch or your readers are dying to read your post. Stop and give yourself plenty of time.
  2. Check the grammar- Bring some light of clarity and sweep errors to your article. Spell check every word and read the structure of the sentences. Have someone check it out for you.
  3. Don’t forget the add-ons. Pictures, links, tags and social media buttons should be present in your article. Have you included it on your post?
  4. Let it ‘simmer’. Do you need it to simmer? I mean hold its posting for a while. Think about your article in terms of its theme or content. Will you hold it’s posting for awhile to be posted on a specific season or occasion? Do you need to post it to a specific time that you think many will see it?
  5. Answer the question: Is it God glorifying? This is the million dollar question for every Christian blogger. Does it promote Christ, presents the gospel and edify fellow believers? Think about it.

Anything to make life easier for our fellow bloggers? Your comments are welcome.


5 thoughts on “5 Essential Things to Remember Before Posting an Article on Your Blog

    • yes another is we must be careful and lets it sink it first for us to think about it if we will post it or not…thank you bro for the comment…looking forward for your post special book reviews….

  1. Hi Nitoy thank you for some very good practical advice, if we look at what glorifies God there is many things that do. When we have a Blog how we present it is a gift from God, all creativity is from Him but what we do with it might not be, like using a Blog or website to promote what God calls evil.

    Poetry or songs if they express a Godly Focus are good even if it’s God’s Creation many have been converted through its awesome detail, it’s hard to create a dog or even a tree out of nothing music also comes from God but can be distorted by man.

    Laughter comes from God, so good clean humour expresses this gift, even our Awards glorify God sad that some think they don’t but God’s guidelines tell us to uplift and encourage each other in the work He has called us to do. God has given us many gifts and we are all unique, so we express them differently God is glorified when we seek to do His will and He knows our heart so even a Christian Award can mean nothing if not expressed in Love.. God tells us when we give we receive meaning we are blessed. We are able to uplift others and encourage others with Awards and we remember God encourages us to excel. Just as Parents reward good behaviour in their Children and appreciate others when they commend them, God is our Father and delights to see us His Children encouraged and uplifted and He tells us when we do anything for each other we are doing it for Him, the Scriptures are very clear about these Truths.

    Thank you Nitoy I have enjoyed sharing with you.

    Christian Love Anne.

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