Church News Updates

This post is a collection of news from our church, Good Shepherd Baptist Mission San Pascual as of February 11, 2012:

  1. One of our new member Sister Estelayn Cayetano followed Christ in baptism last January 29, 2012. Ptr Ceasar
    Hernandez baptized her at our mother church Good Shepherd Baptist Church Batangas City. Please continue to pray for her as grows in Christ and be used in for God’s glory.
  2. We had our monthly meeting last February 3, 2012. We check how we are handling the programs and activities of our church. It’s a blessing to know that we are making progress. Please continue to intercede for us that our church will be strong and go further for the gospel.
  3. Our Young People and Young Stewards attended Love Sunday of Good Shepherd Baptist Church. The topic is love and courtship. The guest speaker is my friend Ptr. JR de Guzman. The message was very encouraging and our YP&YS were truly blessed. We also invited Ptr. De Guzman and his Young People to our Love Sunday coming this February 19. Please pray for us for this God glorifying program for our YP&YS.
  4. We are pushing sports and the gospel every Saturday morning as our pastor lead our basketball fellowship. As of now we have shared the gospel and some hoops to 11 people at a public covered court. We are now in the process to have a game match between our men and police officers where our pastor conduct Bible Study.
  5. This coming week we will start building a children’s department section at our church. Also our bulletin board will have a makeover to serve our Young People and Young Stewards.

In behalf of our pastor, Joberth Hernandez, I would like to thank everyone who has been praying and supporting us through the year. God bless you more!






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