5 Awesome Ways to Share the Gospel on Your Blog

If you’re a Christian who wants to impact your readers with the gospel, check out this list of ways to share the gospel on your blog:

  1. Write it-if you check the section of this blog titled “The Bad News” you get an idea on how you will write it on your own blog.
  2. Post a Video- Check YouTube for evangelistic videos for you to post on your blog. Choose short ones and has a clear presentation of the gospel. check this example: Which Way to Heaven? by John MacArthur
  3. Embed a Digital Tract or Booklet- it will be nice to have it on the blog were your readers can digitally turn pages like reading an actual booklet. Chick tracts have digital tracts you can easily post on your blog.
  4. Place a link- it is the easiest thing you can do. Post a link to a website that has a gospel message on it.
  5. Post Photos- post pictures that illustrate the gospel. It could be a series of pictures that will represent important points of the gospel message. It could be pictures of the following: man, God, sin, Jesus, cross, hell, heaven etc. with verses.

Anything you can add to the list? Please post in on the comments.


3 thoughts on “5 Awesome Ways to Share the Gospel on Your Blog

  1. This is episode 9, but all the episodes are so meaningful to show people they are sinners and to reach out to them with Salvation of Christ

  2. this is a great way, although it’s episode 9, to show others that they truly are sinner’s and show their need for a Savior.. all episodes are really wonderfully true and life altering, even for the saved..very very convicting

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