The Practical Pastor: Delighting Grace Interviews Brian Croft of Practical Shepherding Blog

Delighting Grace talked to Ptr. Brian Croft of Practical Shepherding on pragmatism, pastor to pastor counseling, advice to up and coming pastor, confronting your pastor and Tim Challies.

Delighting Grace: Why is it important for pastor to consult other pastors? 

Brian Croft:Only a pastor knows what it is like to be a pastor. When we seek counsel and answers for unique pastoral matters, not only do we need pastors who are in those same positions, but ones who have been there before and can give insight from experience. 

Delighting Grace: How do you differentiate something that is truly practical and biblical from just being pragmatic? 

Brian Croft:Pragmatism typically comes and goes with the times and trends, but true biblical and practical measures stand the test of time.  They will vary with context, but are never measured if they “work” but by are they “faithful”.

Delighting Grace: The body of Christ has been suffering because of pragmatism. So what do you think is the cure for pragmatism? 

Brian Croft:The cure for pragmatism is conviction to do what the Bible says builds the church, not church growth books or any other trends.  The Word of God is sufficient to build the church.  Our methods need to reflect that.  When they don’t, we have often fallen prey to pragmatism.  God’s Word has to determine our practice, not whether it works or not.  Faithfulness is the goal, not size.

Delighting Grace: If you can give just one advice for aspiring pastors what is it and why? 

Brian Croft:Take heed to yourselves and your doctrine.  If you do not closely walk with the Lord as your primary focus, you will not survive and you will not be faithful when hard times come.

Delighting Grace: How do you kindly tell you pastor, who teaches embarrassing and unreliable facts like a man has a missing rib etc. that he needs avoid teaching those stuff?  

Brian Croft:Any time you accuse or correct an elder of anything, it needs to be grounded in Scripture and approached with humility.  Hopefully, you have a teachable pastor who would want to know if he is in error.  I would.  If not, there is a greater problem in his heart.

 Delighting Grace: Tim Challies named your blog one of his blog heroes for 2011. How do you feel about it? 

Brian Croft:Humbled and surprised, considering I did not want to be a blogger.  This seemed to be the best venue to accomplish the conversations being had on the blog about ministry.  It just reminds me that the Lord will use each of us in whatever way he chooses, even if it is not on our radar.  Tim has been a kind friend and a helpful counselor as I try to learn this blog thing.  His recent recommendation shows his graciousness.

Delighting Grace: Your blog is amazing. I’m not a pastor but I learn great things from you. Thank you pastor. Guys please do check Practical Shepherding and drop Ptr Croft you’re questions through his e-mail. He will gladly answer them. God bless!!!

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