Church Updates as of February 28, 2012

1. Our Love Sunday last February 19 was a blast. We had a joint fellowship with young people of Faith Baptist Church and some church visitors. Our mission house was filled with love and laughter as everyone participates on our special numbers and games. We are also blessed as our guest speaker Ptr. Rommel Manacop preaches about the greatest love of all and that is from God. Thank you for praying and supporting us. Our next activity will be our Youth Revival on March. Again please include us in your prayers. Click here to view photos of our Love Sunday.

2. We launch our lot fund campaign by introducing bamboo coin banks. Each of our members are eager to have his own for a great cause of the church. The coin banks will be open on December. Please intercede for us.

3.This first quarter of the year is about to close and we will have our meeting next Friday to plan for our next quarter. And the topic will be discipleship. Help us in our prayer that this meeting will bring spiritual fruits to every member of our church.

Thank you for reading this updates. May God bless you more!!!


Used Book Finds: Footprints in the Ash: The Explosive Story of Mount St. Helens by John Morris and Steven A. Austin

As I look at my mini library of Christian books collected in BookSale ((a second hand/used book store in the Philippines), I’m proud to have this coffee tablebook on creation science. It reminds me of two things: my early days in ministry (I collect creation science books and tracts to be donated to schools) and the Mt. Pinatubo eruption (which made our place a “winter wonderland” of volcanic ashes J).

One of my prized collections, this coffee table book is not just a compilation of striking photos of the eruption of Mount St. Helen but a biblical look at this catastrophe. This book serves as a documentary of the explosion and how it relates in the Genesis flood. Rapid formation of coal, fossilations, stratification, petrified trees and mini grand canyon etc,. Can lead observers that the earth might not be billions of years old. Backed with stunning photos, graphs and illustrations the books also boast with write ups on scientific findings of the Mount St. Helen and a gospel message. This book indeed is a must have for young earth creationist (like me).  I got the book for 65 pesos (I think) it is published by Master Books, August 2003. If this post prompts you to thirst about creation vs. evolution topics you might as well check these recommended sites: Institute for Creation Research and Answers in Genesis.

Any favorite creation science books? Please post it on the comments.

Digital Round Up #4

Howdy Amigos! Digital Round Up is Delighting Grace weekly roundup of great articles, websites, blogs, apps, videos, MP3, e-books, links and other freebies pick fresh for your discriminating taste. Please enjoy and use these resources for the glory of God.  So come on, indulge and come back for more….

The Bible Unpacked-7 Notes Editions

Educational Study Guides for C.S. Lewis Literary Works

Social Network Safety Tips from ProBlogger

Trusting God by Jerry Bridges– in case you forgot to download this audiobook, this is your last reminder to get it because it’s FREE.This month only.

Sovereignty of God by Arthur W. Pink– in PDF FREE

From The Blog Archive:

Used Book Finds: Cheap Apologetics Books

Quote of the Week

“Prayer is not only a definite act; it is also a continual attitude.”—D. Stuart Briscoe


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Video of the Week:

Dr. Charles Stanley answers the question: Where Do I Begin Reading The Bible?

5 Awesome Importance of an Interview Article

Are you enjoying the interview post over this blog? I think the following list might be the reason why you like it:

  1. Gives you a teaser- Article interviews gives exciting appetizers to readers to the interviewee. Where his next book, project or website, interview article will make you crave for more.
  2. Gives you behind the scene view- If you like those behind-the-scene videos on how blockbuster movies are made, interview articles can also do that. How a specific interviewee says for example he is an author of a book. How he writes, the style or methods he apply, how important things came to be, who are the people working behind it etc., will captivate people to read or listen to interviews.
  3. Issues are answered- important issues are directly asked and answered. Interview articles are follow-ups and supplements for the interviewee’s previous statements.
  4. Sometimes it’s more personal- Article interviews get you in-depth to the person life and how it affects his stand or conviction.
  5. Very engaging- a no hold barred, one on one conversation interview is something to see. It will glue you to read it to the end.

Anything to add? Please post your comments

5 Essential Things to Remember Before Posting an Article on Your Blog

Here are 5 tips before you click that “Publish” button:

  1. Add more time to edit- As if you have a deadline to catch or your readers are dying to read your post. Stop and give yourself plenty of time.
  2. Check the grammar- Bring some light of clarity and sweep errors to your article. Spell check every word and read the structure of the sentences. Have someone check it out for you.
  3. Don’t forget the add-ons. Pictures, links, tags and social media buttons should be present in your article. Have you included it on your post?
  4. Let it ‘simmer’. Do you need it to simmer? I mean hold its posting for a while. Think about your article in terms of its theme or content. Will you hold it’s posting for awhile to be posted on a specific season or occasion? Do you need to post it to a specific time that you think many will see it?
  5. Answer the question: Is it God glorifying? This is the million dollar question for every Christian blogger. Does it promote Christ, presents the gospel and edify fellow believers? Think about it.

Anything to make life easier for our fellow bloggers? Your comments are welcome.

Our Daily Devotion: Delighting Grace Interviews Dave Branon of Our Daily Bread

What a blessed opportunity to talk to one of the contributors of Our Daily Bread, Dave Branon and learn  more about the most beloved devotional in the world. Here’s my interview with Dave. 

Delighting Grace:  How did you get started in Our Daily Bread? Did you apply or what?

Dave Branon: I started working for Our Daily Bread as an assistant editor for the publication. I had been teaching high school English and coaching basketball, but when the opportunity to become a part of RBC Ministries opened up, I felt that God was calling me to leave one profession I loved (working with kids) and move to another (writing and editing Christian literature). Once I started here, I was given some writing assignments with other RBC publications, and I guess I did okay with those articles. Eventually, I was asked to write articles for ODB and the editors have stuck with me. I’ve been writing for Our Daily Bread since 1988. Almost 1,000 articles!

Delighting Grace: Wow incredible 1,000 articles! Our Daily Bread is the most famous and longest running devotional in the world. Can you tell us the process or steps in making or writing it before it can go to the readers.

Dave Branon: Each month, the writers are asked to submit a number of articles to the editor, Anne Cetas. These articles are collected by the ODB staff, copied, and distributed to our evaluation committee. This committee reads each article ahead of time and then meets together to discuss each one in detail. We look at the illustration to see if it is a good one; we examine the Bible reading and the teaching to make sure they go together. We think about the ending and whether it works. Occasionally, we send an article back to the writer to do additional work. Sometimes, we have to say that the article simply won’t work.
All articles that make it through the committee are then edited for length, clarity, grammar, punctuation, biblical accuracy, and a bunch of other things. The articles then have to go to translators, who turn them into the other languages we produce. The entire process takes a year from beginning to end.

Delighting Grace: Do ODB staff have a devotion time in the office? How do you do devotion with the staff?

Dave Branon: RBC Ministries has many departments. The ODB staff is part of the publishing team. We meet each Monday morning for devotions. We take turns sharing whatever the Lord lays on our heart.  The entire RBC staff meets together each Wednesday for chapel. And, of course, we all have our churches we attend for additional time in learning and worshiping and service.

Delighting Grace: In your opinion, why is Our Daily Bread became well loved by millions?

Dave Branon: I think the fact that the ODB staff is very careful to present articles that are solidly based on God’s Word is the key. Also, we stay away from side issues that divide believers needlessly. The essence of what we want to say is based on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the clear teachings of Scripture. Also, having an illustration/story based devotional is a high-interest element that keeps people coming back for more, I think. It’s a great combination of human interest and biblical teaching. 

Delighting Grace: How can readers make most of their devotional time using Our Daily Bread?

Dave Branon: Make sure you read the Scripture. If you read that and absorb the teaching of Scripture, then anything we say is just a little bonus. Focus on the Word. And then see if that last paragraph can be applied in your life. We try to give you an action point or a way to focus on God at the end. That’s your homework for the day.

Delighting Grace: Personally, how did Our Daily Bread influence you as a Christian?

Dave Branon: ODB was a part of our dinner devotions every day as I was growing up. My dad read it to us after each meal. Also, we listened to the Radio Bible Class on the radio each Sunday. So the concepts and teachings of RBC were part of my formative years as a youngster.

Delighting Grace: How about you, how do you do your devotional time?

Dave Branon: It’s a mixture of things for me. One advantage I have is that I spend eight hours every day immersed in spiritual teaching with my writing and editing. Also, I try to read the Bible through each year (often, I don’t make it through, but that’s okay). And, I teach a Sunday school class at my church, which keeps me in the word for hours a week. Worship and devotion are a part of all of life for the Christian.

Delighting Grace: Please invite our readers to check ODB out and other stuff RBC can offer to us?

Dave Branon: If you go to our website, you will find that RBC has so much more to offer than  ODB. Feel free to use our other tools. I spend most of my time working for Discovery House Publishers—and I even have a book available from DHP. It’s called Beyond the Valley. It’s just one of hundreds of things you can get from our ministry to help you grow. 

Delighting Grace: Thank you Dave for giving us your time for this interview. Also I would like to acknowledge DHP Publicist Katy R. Pent for making this interview possible. God bless you Katy and Dave and more power!

Sinclair B. Ferguson on Marriage

Sinclair B. Ferguson in his book “Discovering God’s Will” answers what is the ultimate aim of matrimony:

“The ultimate aim of marriage is to reflect God’s image; to reflect the glory of his grace and Being. This means that marriage can never an end in itself. It exists for a greater purpose than its own fulfillment.

When two people are joined in the Lord., something of the glory of God should be seen. The Father’s love for his Son; the Son’s love for his Father; the Spirit’s love for both—these should be at least sensed and tasted in a Christian marriage. If there is grace in it, then there will be a touch of glory in it too. God demonstrated his glory clearly in the sacrifice of his Son. So a marriage demonstrates the glory of God when at its heart there is a spirit of self-sacrificing love.” (Discovering God’s Will by Sinclair B. Ferguson, pp.100, The Banner of Trust)